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The 9 countries the most adapted for children during expatriation

During an expatriation, it is sometimes difficult to get used to the professional changes and to the move. Parents as children can have some difficulty to become integrated to their receiving country. An enquiry done by HSBC, named “Expat Explorer Survey”, took an inventory of the 9 countries which are the most welcoming for expatriate parents and especially for their children.

1)  Canada

This country has reasonable cost of living and also offers quality education and a great educational supervision (one of the best in the world). The health system is excellent and in this country, children eat healthily and do more sport than in their country of origin. For all these reasons and for many others, Canada appears like the best according to expatriate people for their children.

2) Netherlands

For children, this country is perfect for outside activities and for spending time with their parents. The cost of living is quite expensive but this inconvenience is easily forgotten thanks to all the advantages offered by the country. Children can eat healthily, become integrated easily and can improve their level of language quite fast. Furthermore, the safety is very good in the country. All these arguments permit Netherlands to be one of the best countries in the world for expatriate’s families.

3) Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an appreciated place for expatriate people in which children are happy to live. They don’t have time to watch TV or play video games because they have too many things to do in Hong Kong in terms of sport activities. The school level is very high and enables children to have a very good education. Furthermore, the childcare has a very good reputation and parents like it.

4) Australia

According to the enquiry, expatriate children spend a lot of time outside in Australia, and it enables them to eat healthily. They also spend less time watching TV and playing video games. The integration in this country is quite easy for children and Australia enables them to improve their level of English. Despite everything, the cost of living in this country is very expensive.

5) United Arab Emirates

In the Emirates, expatriate children are safe and it delights and reassures parents. Children do not especially practice sport and are not always with their parents, but the safety takes precedence over the rest. Children eat healthily and their integration in the country is quite easy. The quality of living is expensive, but very good.

6) The United States

The United States have some inconveniences, with amongst others the health care system, the safe fears and the level of school teaching. However, the United States is a very interesting country for expatriate families. Children really like it thanks to the climate, the sports and the time spent outside. The food is healthy, contrary to popular opinion, and the integration of the children in the country is easy. Furthermore, this country has the advantage to permit a great cultural immersion for children who can acquire a high open-mindedness and a consequent improvement of their English level when they come back in their native country.

7) Saudi Arabia

According to the enquiry, expatriate parents say their children spend much more time outside and eat more balanced meals. The childcare is very good and children can spend more time with their parents. The integration is quite easy and children can learn the language easily and quickly. The only inconvenience is that this country has a high cost of living.

8) Kuwait

According to the enquiry, expatriate people in Kuwait are worried about their security and the cost of living which is high (this country is one of the most expensive of the Arab nations). However, families become integrated quite easily and have no major difficulty in learning the national language; they also appreciate the culture of this country. The level of education for children is good and children spend a lot of time outside practicing sport activities instead of playing video games and watching TV.

9) The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is very appreciated by expatriate children because it is the country of sport activities. They may then spend more time outside doing different activities instead of watching TV or surfing the internet. They become integrated easily to the country and are able to understand the language quickly.


(Expat Explorer Survey, 20 of August 2013)

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