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Luxembourg at the head of the European Union in terms of housing prices

With a quality of life above average, the Grand Duchy is also one of the most expensive European countries for the relocation of employees and their families...

According to a study by Eurostat, Luxembourg is the second largest European country where life is the most expensive, behind Denmark. This study only considers the 28-member countries of the European Union and is based on 11 comparison criteria essential to everyday life (housing, clothing, education, health ...).

A more expensive life in many areas

In this small country, prices are on average 41% higher in all product and service sectors compared to the European average.

The biggest gap to note is education: expenses are 243% more expensive than the rest of the EU! Health is also affected since the rates are on average 60% higher.

Beware also for employees relocating to Luxembourg: housing rents and ancillary expenses (gas, electricity, internet, water ...) are higher by 63%.

Belgium and France are more nuanced

The average cost of living in France is 6.7% higher, with a peak in hotels and restaurants, where prices are 17% higher. Conversely, the health and telephony sectors are cheaper by 2% and 3% respectively.

On the Belgian border, life is more expensive by 12% and it is in ​​communication that the inhabitants pay the high price: + 39% on average compared to the EU-28. They rank second, behind Greece (54%).


(MMC, 31 of August 2018)

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